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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
I can see your point on the Zerg. I say the direction they ultimately went with gets more wonky when noting that the devs across the series bounced between extremes on the Queen of Blades (that is, between her being a massacring monster that's occupying Sarah Kerrigan's body and her being something Kerrigan can turn into on purpose and still be a heroine).
Although commonly appearing on top X lists of video game villains, queen of blades has never been a well-written or genuinely interesting character.

In SC1 she was a vicious psychopath with no character arc. Her character felt like it was phoned in.

In BW she was a Saturday morning cartoon villain, still with no character arc, who won only because the plot said so rather than because she actually worked for anything. Again, her character felt phoned in.

In SC2, the bad writing reached its nadir when the writers tried to make her the heroine but instead depicted her as a bipolar lunatic who butchers countless innocents because she can, then gets rewarded for her bad behavior by becoming a firey angel. She still has no character arc or development whatsoever.
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