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Originally Posted by Reinhardt View Post
No story missions in the work.
StarCraft seems to be on ice story wise for 10 years yet again.
It is not like you can really tell a good story with Starcraft. Anything that does come out will have a terrible story and be full of nonsensical retcons.

What are they going to do? Introduce Amon's ex-girlfriend as the main villain? Resurrect the Overmind and bring back the forgotten plot point about the determinant regardless of the retcons? Introduce the UED as some ultimate threat and then destroy them with trivial ease? Have the Zerg conquer Earth? Bring back the galactic Protoss Empire from the original manual? Resurrect the xel'naga as the new villains? Bring in Ulrezaj as the main villain? Reform the Confederacy?

It is impossible to make any sort of prediction for what could happen, since Blizzard does not give a damn about continuity. They never have even back in SC1, where there are massive contradictions between the final game and the backstory as given in the manual. Literally anything could happen in future installments, no matter how ridiculous. The next installment will definitely ignore the ramifications of previous games and tell whatever story it damn well pleases.

The co-op missions depict the battles of the stupidly-named end war. Tychus and Zeratul were introduced as co-op commanders despite being canonically dead prior to the stupidly-named end war. Since co-op DLC is a pretty good money maker for Blizzard, I expect they will raze the lore for more characters to make into co-op commanders even if they are dead.

Considering that Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch do not have continuities, I fully expect that future installments may very well completely ignore prior lore in order to tell their own stories and appeal to new audiences that are not invested in the prior lore.

The best case scenario I can see is that the new writers devise an alternate universe campaign that ignores the previous convoluted retconned lore in favor of retelling the premise of the first Starcraft when the three races were fighting for their own reasons before it was taken over by Kerry Sue. The Starcraft 2 tutorial missions are a good example of what I mean.

For example, the plot of a "First Contact War" campaign might combine the co-op mission style with a Risk-style map or something. The plot might go something like this: the Overmind invades Koprulu to acquire human psychic mutations to development weapons against the otherwise invincible Protoss Empire. The various Terran governments like the Confederacy, Umojan Protectorate and Kel-Morian Combine are caught in the middle when Protoss expeditions also invade the sector to halt the Zerg. This goes on indefinitely without really changing the status quo, with new campaigns taking place on different planets.
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