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The Hybrids aren't the Xel'Naga; in the Dark Templar Saga novels (if memory serves) it indicates they're something "other" that doesn't follow the intended evolutionary path of the Xel'Naga reproduction cycle.

Which kind of makes sense, as neither Hybrid form seems properly merged. One is clearly more protoss than zerg, while the other is more zerg than protoss. Neither comes across as a complete, merged entity possessing both the pure "essence" and "form" being sought by the Xel'Naga.

It's really not entirely clear yet just how the merger would be intended to occur. Given that the Overmind's fixation on the protoss was apparently unnatural and the Xel'Naga retain much of their well-intentioned (if at times inexplicable) demeanor, the Xel'Naga probably didn't intend for their reproductive cycle to rely upon something as haphazard as the zerg outright invading Aiur and violently assimilating the protoss, obliterating billions of lives and their entire culture in the process.

At this point, "merging the two species" could amount to the Xel'Naga extracting a specimen of each when they've reach the desired level of evolutionary maturity, and essentially cloning a merged descendant race rather than simply creating two different species and smashing them together in the hopes they'll end up merged.

Though I'll admit the irritating "prophecy" angle raises the possibility of the Xel'Naga already foreseeing how everything would turn out, which kind of nullifies the very idea that anything they did was ever truly an "experiment" if they always knew how it would end.
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