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Originally Posted by Archimedes View Post
good idea, seeing as the manual was free and obviously written for the joy of creation, whereas the Book of Cain was more superfluous paraphernalia you could buy if you were a sucker.
To be fair, that was a fan's question that compared the book of cain to the manuals. Also, I think the book of cain was absoposolutiely awesome.

Also also
Now, there is a lore contradiction out there. We messed up on something. In Frontline Vol. 1, in the story "Thundergod," we showed a Dominion Thor operating on Mar Sara in 2502. This kind of thing can happen: two internal teams are feverishly working at the same time to get content out to the community, and communication breaks down. Everybody at Blizzard is very unhappy when this happens, as we take our worlds seriously and try to make them as consistent as possible. Wait! Maybe that particular Thor fell through a mini-time warp andů No, no, we just messed up.
I pointed this out. Now I guess that means the (atrocious) thundergod story is non-canon.
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