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#1, The Protoss know that Earth is out there but they don't give a shit. The zerg are probably aware, but the swarm has enough going on in their own area of the galaxy.

#2, Tassadar and the Overmind are not one. They were one psionically for a few seconds when they crashed, and it takes the overmind a while for it to die.
Zeratul may or may not have been speaking to the "ghost" of Tassadar in WoL.

#3, The Queen of Blades made the Brood queens because more than one leader is a good advantage other than one overmind/QoB.

#4 Embarrassingly nerdy Protoss mind question....
The protoss are smart. They develop and maintain the crystals and ships, and think on a different level than humans, which is why humans don't understand them.

#5 The zerg are good at swarming planets but not good at keeping them. the QoB pulled most of them back to Char. The protoss have a lot of planets, and Tarren want char because there is a lot of minerals on it.
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