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Introduction - Ironforge (Wabbajack, Skirvar Thaurissan)

A shadow falls across the kingdom of Ironforge. The Highthane has fallen grievously ill. Some say that his ailment is the fault of evil spirits. Some blame Skirvar Thaurissan, who is regent. Skirvar is a Dark Iron Sorceror, and leader of the Dark Irons. His brethren are suspicious of him, to say the least.
The people are unhappy. They grumble that the Highthane's will is not his own. Word arrives to Ironforge that many dwarves in the Wetlands are turning to pagan practices, influenced by their human friends.
Port Baradin, they say, is under the grasp of the Four Gods.

Skirvar Thaurissan is faced with a choice. He does not know whether to put stock in the rumours about Port Baradin, though he knows himself and his own ambitions well enough, whatever they may be.

Blackhammer Silverbeard, the Dark Iron governor of Port Baradin, is on his way to Ironforge for a routine visit and pay of taxation. Mountaineers report that he has an unusually high amount of guards with him, and some say that he is on his way to plan a coup in the name of his gods.

Perhaps the situation can be avoided by assassinating Blackhammer, but that may arouse even more suspicion in Ironforge. It might go wrong; Blackhammer could go ahead with a coup. Perhaps he is planning nothing. Or else, if he is indeed an agent of these Four Gods, then he might make a valuable ally...



The chief of the villagers remains on his knees as he surveys his king Menethil.
"Liege, what is the penalty for paganism? Will you have mercy if we confess?"
Everyone knows Sherman's hatred of pagans, and it is clear they fear him.

The Archbishop moves to whisper in the king's ear.
"King Menethil, it is my will that these men die if they are guilty. However, it would be wise to see what they know first. I have heard that Maximus Krowl is moving to take Andorhal from his base in Hearthglen. If he does, your grain distribution centre will be lost, and Lordaeron will be cut in half."
There is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man.

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