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Originally Posted by Timolas View Post

Jin'thek watched as Gruc'jen vanished into the forest. He was not delaying in performing his task. Gruc'jen had been the sage and oracle of the Amani for generations. He was reputed and rumoured to be the voice of the Loa in Zul'Aman. His diplomatic skills and wisdom were invaluable indeed.

Left to his own devices that night, Jin'thek was approached by one of his trappers, sweating and heaving heavily.
"Warlord! The Mosstusk trappers that invaded our territory are dead. Good for us, but the reasons why bode badly for the Amani! They were shot by arrows. Not ours. It could either by elven raiders or a rival tribe. But we might be in danger!"
''Arrows you say...... This stinks of treachery the Mosstusk may blame us for this incident'' Jin'thek said. the tone of anger of his voice was far from being subtle ''We can't allow the meeting to fail. Prepare the Shrine's defenses incase someone attacks''

''But Warlord are you leaving?''

''Indeed You will come with me and my best warriors to Maisara Hills, we will have to explain them what happened, we will take the bodies already blessed by our Priests, we will have to end this incident before it scalates, also send our best scouts to look for any tracks near were the Mosstuks were killed''.
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