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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
I mean, but that's not true, right? This shit doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's like Wonder Woman throwing the Lasso of Truth around people and complaining about mansplaining.

The things mentioned, the things said, the things happening are extensions of real world pushes for "diversity" that are attacking certain groups. And instead of inclusivity, they spout racist and sexist rhetoric.

Even Miles Morales (I think it was Miles) getting the talk from someone about how it doesn't matter if this was a person helping you and a nice guy, etc, he was still an Old White Dude doing what Old White Dudes Do and taking advantage of you.
I'm not sure what you are asking in the first sentence. And the rest.. I'm not familiar with any of these examples and have no idea what point you are getting at.

I'd feel disinclined to hang out with people who think I'm swine.
Don't do piggish things and you won't be called a pig. This whole line of conversation stems from the false premise of a strawman feminazi shouting "all men are pigs". Which isn't a real thing anyone is actually concerned about, least of all actual feminists.

Anyway. Seems like a good place to post this video. It addresses some of the issues that SoL in particular has been facing over the last several years.

"... I don't take you at your word, because I cannot form a coherent worldview out of the things you say. So, forgive me if when you tell me what you believe, I don't think you're being candid with me. It kinda seems like you're playing games."

Nailed it. Postmodern conservatism in a nutshell. The most relevant stuff starts around 6:30.
Now imagine a music, dear readers, heavy with cellos at a rapid staccato. Cellos held between thighs in a dark room. The little room of Harry's chest as he walks with his teammates to the opening gate of his first Test of Cribbage. They are a rag-tag group of champions, this bunch, and with Harry, the near-perfect new god, they know they will dominate the day. Harry is a world laced with rivers of wizardly blood. He is ready.

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