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It almost crosses into near-future sci-fi, with magic thrown in there. Remember, Warcraft II had a heavy focus on oil drilling, pumping and refining, and all of the ships had modern internal-combustion engines. They even had offshore oil platforms, which are an extremely sophisticated and modern-day concept, even in its most rudimentary form.

If it wasn't for the apocalyptic destruction of every major human industrial center in the Second War sending them back into the iron age, the human nations would be on the verge of contemporary modernity.

Add in the widespread use of radios, radar, rocketry, aircraft, jet propulsion, wireless communication, television, robotics, assembly lines, and artificial intelligence (implying the existence of microprocessor technology, or some magitech equivalent) and you've got almost all the ingredients of Earth circa 2000 a.d.

Then look at the cannons and artillery, ballistic technology, homing missiles, land mines, chemical and biological weapons, and all the other weaponry that is more effective and more efficient than the best weapons in the real world, and you're crossing into futuristic territory there.

Now add the deadly laser weapons, teleportation, cloaking, levitation, everything titan-related, and all manner of science-fiction materiel from the gnomes and goblins, and Warcraft has left Earth in the dust.

So, we're really just left with the architecture, the clothing, the feudal titles, and the swords and armor as the only thing keeping the story pinned to a medieval archetype. The first three of those are aesthetic, and don't mean the story takes place in a sub-modern world. The last just makes sense.

Swords and armor only went out of style in the real world when gunpowder technology made them obsolete. In the real world, we don't have thorium, mithril, elementium and eternium (amongst other metals) that make armor resilient enough to turn the best rifles and bullets into pea-shooters. We also don't have enchantments that make our bathrobes increase our intelligence or resist heat, cold, or the meddling of cosmic horrors. Why carry an unreliable pistol that needs bullets when there are magic wands that shoot fireballs? If the real world had all that, guns and kevlar vests would go out of style pretty quickly, and the the police would be patrolling in plate armor with arcanite reapers strapped to their hip.

tl,dr: Warcraft = scifi + magic.
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