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Originally Posted by Magistrix Verdande View Post
I think it's a bit prepostrous of you to speak for all of us. I do not dislike Soldrethar as a person at all. I find his ignorance annoying, and his stupidity makes me facepalm alot, but so does alot of other people on the forum. I don't read Ku'ja's posts at all because my head hurts when I try to translate it into english, and Slowpoke's every argument will eventually boil down to whether or not he can masturbate to the plot or character in question. Fojar's an ignorant twat, Illya's a twatty ignoramus and who can forget Ornhelm and Rolandius?

I don't think you've got any right what so ever to tell another member of SoL to leave. Even less right to do so, while speaking on the behalf of all of us.

Who the hell are you, anyways? What makes your opinion more valid than anyone else's? Why would insulting you be a recipe for instant-banishment?

The entitlement is astonishingly disgusting.
Did you participate in the discussion in this threat when Sold started spewing insults and shit at everyone? Were you here when he ignored the advices of long-time posters and twisted them into "You force me to play Horde. I won't. GO FUCK YOURSELF"? Did I try to involve you in any way in a war against Sold? No, you obviously didn't so I don't include you when I'm saying "us". Sold, however insulted every other posted in this thread who tried to reason with him and he's done it multiple times, with his every post in fact. As a matter of fact, none of the people who posted came here to defend him, we even had lurkers coming out of the woodwork to mock him. We had people outright telling him that he's a malicious influence on these forums and that he's pulling them down with his attitude and that SoL would be a much better place without him (and I'm not just talking about myself, but other people who said that before me). So no, I don't think it's proposterous at all when I speak on behalf of the people Sold has aggravated in this thread.

If you don't want to be part of this, keep out of it. I wasn't trying to involve you in anything to begin with so I don't think you should act like I'm speaking on your behalf. But Sold outright spits in my face and the face of everyone in this thread, no matter how reasonable or constructive the criticism was, and when he resorts to personal insults and "Go fuck yourself" in his every post to the point where the atmosphere's become hostile and unbearable and he's riled up everyone in this thread against him and people state they'll stop posting/visiting the forums unless he's out of SoL, then it's become personal and you're damn right I'll demand his ban!
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