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Originally Posted by Magistrix Verdande View Post

It's happened quite a few times. So yes.

You worded it as such that every single person on Scrolls of Lore agreed with you. So yes, you did.

Except you didn't say that. You worded your posts as if you spoke on the behalf of everyone on SoL, and then you went internet-tough-guy and started talking as if your opinion was worth more than his, as if you had some form of ban-hammer button that you'd doubleclick and have any mod or admin come in and do your bidding.

Then perhaps you shouldn't talk as if you're speaking on my, or anyone else's behalf at all? Perhaps we would all prefer to speak on our own behalfs?

Who said they'd stop posting on SoL because of him? I read through the entire thread, and I can't remember any incident of the sort. I do recall seeing a person saying he wouldn't post more in this thread - but that's it. Feel free to prove me wrong though, I might have missed it.

And your... "demand" as you call it holds weight, because?...

I hereby DEMAND that I be given a unique and pretty snowflake title! I DEMAND to be this forums only Magistrix! I DEMAND that Aldrius changes her avatar to the much more attractive Schneizel el britannia.

...Is it working yet?
My apologies then, my lady. Maybe me speaking on behalf of other people was a misguided decision made by simply observing the fact that Sold has insulted a lot of people and they all stood up against him and each one of them was angry/annoyed with him. In the future I'll try to be more politically correct and specifically exclude you from the bunch of people Sold obviously didn't insult at all. I'll also try to use better vocabulary and not enforce my worthless opinion on your delicate special snowflake personna. In fact, I'll even stand by and watch as someone insults me in the face and won't seek any retribution because of it since apparently that annoys you.
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