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Post Do the words "Dawn of War" mean anything to you?

If they don't, they may interest you if you're a long-time Starcraft fan. I've been playing the Dawn of War series for a while and I f***ing love it. Basically, it's an RTS based in the world of Warhammer 40,000 (which I suspect most of you may only know about because of its intense similarities to Starcraft, even though it came first) - one which features alot of the playable factions from said universe. It has similar elements to Starcraft, like the Necrons having only one kind of building which builds units and grows larger to unlock more units (along with supplemental structures being built, some of which contain upgrades) and the Dark Eldar having structures which build themselves without needing a worker unit to stick to them 'til they're done.

However, there are three key differences besides the setting:
  1. Resources are gathered automatically as long as you capture one or two strategic points/have the relevant building. That means not needing a small army of worker units to gather resources.
  2. Worker units are not as much the crutch holding up the building as they are in Starcraft. In the last version of the first game, you're limited to 4 workers on average (3 is the least, 5 the most) and they don't take up supply, allowing you to focus on building your army and not having supply blocked up by workers.
  3. Most units are squads of infantry or heavy infantry who come in groups and can be built up using resources. That avoids the stick-a-fork-in-'em-once, they're-done state of units in Starcraft.

Even if you're not a big 40k fan, I'd still recommend 'em. Makes for a nice change from Starcraft - and the storylines and campaign modes are a lot of fun too - and proof that you can make a game with good gameplay and a great story at the same time.
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