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Okay so two thoughts today

First, we need more support champs! There aren't many currently and none of the folks that've been datamined fit the bill except maybe Kel'Thuzad.

Auriel and Itherael might work for Diablo

Egon Stettman or maybe Ariel Hanson could work for Starcraft

Moira would be a good Warcraft option to add the last of the Dwarf Council

Second, I like the idea of adding more "Classic" Blizz characters from Lost Vikings, Rock'n'Roll Racing, and Blackthorne

Rock'n'Roll Racing Drivers

and Names paired with faces here:

In the game they had a line of flavor lore for themselves and their planet, but I don't know what they were in most cases.

Scorch and Fang might make decent champs too.

If we really dig we could take a look at Freya, the Valkyrie from the respawn screen or Greta, one of Olaf's daughters and a student at Baelog's school of pillaging. (Though they'd both be a BIG stretch and I consider them about as likely as I consider poor Min'loth from WoW)


As for Blackthorne, seems like three options.

Kyle, Galadril (The sorcerer who sent him to earth, and brought him back), and Sarlac (The Villain and only/final boss)
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