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Default The Grand Survey of Starcraft

Hey guys, I'm WasteusTimeus from the offical forums, recently I've interviewed the YouTuber Ryhkker and the maker of the popular starcraft video "Starcraft: 7 years in 7 minutes", Rob Gresimer (luckyfool) (
) about the lore, story, game play and atmosphere of the original Starcraft vs SC2 and it's expansions. This franchise means so much to me, in fact I even said in the original thread on the forums that I would probably cry after I see the pro-louge at the end of LoTV. So without further ado, here are the questions:

1. The art-style of SC2 has received some criticism, some of which say that the game's aesthetics too closely resemble that of World of Warcraft, being that they are cartoony and proportions are less realistic. In contrast to the original StarCraft which to many seemed more realistic, dark, and gritty. How do you feel about the game's art-style and aesthetics? And how do you feel they compare to StarCraft 1?

2. Many have criticized SC2's storyline as being of less quality than StarCraft 1's. How do you feel about the story and the characters in SC2? Do you think SC1's story was of similar quality, less quality, or better, and why?

3. Do you feel like SC2 delivers properly on fantasy and immersion? How would you compare that success or lack thereof to StarCraft 1?

4. Dustin Browder had envisioned SC2 to be a game for competitive e-sports (to my knowledge). Do you think that SC2 is a very high paced and stressful game? If so, do you think this scares off new players and makes casual play difficult? How would you compare the game-play now to StarCraft 1? Do you think that it is usually the case that the game comes down to 1 or 2 big battles, and then it being difficult to come back from that, if at all possible?

5. Is the same depth and change in meta-game there? Would you say that SC2 has more "mechanical depth" (microing units, learning to optimize build orders, becoming faster and more effective in executing commands) then "strategic depth" (having a variety of strategies that feel and play differently from one another, and having to change and tweak your play-style to overcome your opponent)

6. What are your major gripes about SC2 (if any)? What are your favorite parts of SC2?

7. What are your hopes for Legacy of the Void, are you concerned about it's direction?

8. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

-----------------------------New Questions---------------------------
Do you feel that SC2 far too often comes down to a giant deathball of units versus another giant deathball? Would you rather it be more like Brood War with many smaller battles happening across the map?

Dustin Browder has said (to my knowledge) that the team wanted to design the game around cool units, rather than to have specific plans for all of the races. Do you feel that each race in SC2 has a distinct play style? Do you think this is better or worse from Brood War?

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