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Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
Would you be amenable to WC1 and WC2 being dlcs within WC3 Reforged?
Blizzard said they would never remaster the old games because they were not fun to play anymore.

There are some extremely faithful remakes of WC1 and Tides of Darkness (not Dark Portal, sorry), but the gameplay of the old titles does not translate well into the WC3 engine. It simply doesn't look fun compared to WC3 gameplay.

There are some custom campaigns like Fall of the Lion and Coming of the Horde which are based on the lore of WC1 and WC2 but use the gameplay of WC3. They are archived by hiveworkshop and I believe there are let's play on youtube.

Hopefully WC3R will inspire remasters of these old campaigns (especially considering the advertised backwards compatibility makes that much easier) as well as attempts to remake WC1 and WC2 with WC3 gameplay.

I remember years ago I used to frequent mapping sites and discovered countless campaigns, game movies, original fantasy universes and such. Creativity was at an all time high. I hope we can see that return to the modern day.
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