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We Deposed Garrosh for less.
But that's my point. Should there be this all-powerful "we" who arbiters over all morality and only does the right thing?

I don't think so. People respect results and that's mostly what Sylvanas has gotten, burning Darnassus was horrific and cruel but it had a purpose. Corrupting the vale was... random. Garrosh specifically alienated his allies in a targeted, visceral way that Sylvanas hasn't. Sylvanas has mostly played nice. Other than this new Saurfang stuff, which I think is so, so goofy. And yeah -- pretty much beat for beat the Vol'jin plotline from Mists of Pandaria.

But also I just think Sylvanas is more popular and more empathetic for the player base than Garrosh was. So I don't know if they'll take that story in the exact same direction.

At this point they're pretty much out of Azeroth to make new expansions of... so I think the next one will have to have a wildly different scope or territory.
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