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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
But that's my point. Should there be this all-powerful "we" who arbiters over all morality and only does the right thing?

I don't think so. People respect results and that's mostly what Sylvanas has gotten, burning Darnassus was horrific and cruel but it had a purpose. Corrupting the vale was... random. Garrosh specifically alienated his allies in a targeted, visceral way that Sylvanas hasn't. Sylvanas has mostly played nice. Other than this new Saurfang stuff, which I think is so, so goofy. And yeah -- pretty much beat for beat the Vol'jin plotline from Mists of Pandaria.

But also I just think Sylvanas is more popular and more empathetic for the player base than Garrosh was. So I don't know if they'll take that story in the exact same direction.

At this point they're pretty much out of Azeroth to make new expansions of... so I think the next one will have to have a wildly different scope or territory.
These are points I've been making for a long time. Garrosh fell not because he was doing evil stuff, but because he alienated his own faction, so it turned against him.

Sylvanas can do any evil stuff she likes, because the Horde will always fear the Alliance more than her. Even if the Horde ends up hating Sylvanas, dealing with her will always be postponed for after they win the war.

The only part of the story so far that is too much alike MoP for my taste is Saurfang's rebellion. I was expecting something different from that plot.

8.1 story in general has been weaker than 8.0. I like the concepts behind the night elf story, but the execution so far has been very lacking.
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