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Is this really the kind of argument Allies have when trying to deny the Alliance-based perspective the entire game has? A couple of mounts from a decade ago? Weak.
ROFL, yes, the entire game clearly only has the Alliance perspective in mind... except for that one time when Goblins got a full-blown powerbase in one of the largest questing zones in the game whereas Worgen got shuffled under a tiny tree in a largely Night Elf city. Really makes me think, but thinking is bad and let's just slide that under the carpet and ignore it for now to make an emotionally charged statement.

The Mag'har got screwed out of a racial hub to live in and definitely deserve a better area like how Dark Irons got Shadowforge, but emotionally charged statements like that don't really do anything to promote better feedback. Horde fans have gotten just as bad as Alliance fans with crying faction bias on a whim.
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