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Findings that Russia meddled to help Trump beat Clinton were 'accurate and on point': Senate intel panel

Even Fox News is reporting this stuff.

Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Between the changes to the supreme court and the obvious erasure of history in our classrooms I am terrified of the fate of the mind and soul of our country, I feel powerless, what the hell can be done to stop this insanity?
In no particular order:
1) Vote for the most liberal candidates you can in every election.
2) Volunteer.
3) Bother politicians to implement ranked-choice voting. This should hopefully reduce the influence of right-wing crazies in the future, and perhaps even slightly reduce partisanship as the parties slowly begin to fragment.
4) Learn how to use a gun and prepare for the coming civil war.

Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
I just want trans people to have their healthcare paid for by taxes so they have more money to pay for unregistered fully automatic weapons which they can use to protect their recreational marijuana plants from corrupt cops so they can sell their crop to afford luxuries that their universal basic income doesn't quite cover.
Is that so much to ask?
One day we can live the dream.
"All right, I'll get that kid to eat. Where's my screw driver and my plumber's helper? I'll open up his mouth and I'll shove it in."

The Alliance's three rules on faction conflict:
1) You can't win.
2) You can't break even.
3) You can't leave the game.

Originally Posted by Mustrum View Post
Because if a storyteller is doing his job, he makes you care. And if that storyteller then says "I dunno, then they stopped fighting, I guess," without any explanation or clarification, his audience has every right to be pissed off. Because they were given reason to stay interested, reason to keep up with his tale, only to be shut down just as things were getting good. A waste of time, a waste of emotional tension, a waste, if you fail to grasp the significance of narrative, of money.
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