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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
What chance?

Even Wrathion - who wanted him to demolish and basically enslave the Horde - anticipated that the Alliance conquering and absorbing it would entail a horrifying death toll. He just wasn't all that torn up about it if it meant a unified Azeroth in the long-run.

Varian's a king. He's supposed to consider about whether his decisions will definitely get massive numbers of his people slaughtered, or offer a chance to control the threat of the Horde without committing to a nightmarish, bloody march across the face of Azeroth in an effort to rip it apart for good.

"Varian should've dismantled the Horde" could easily have amounted to "Varian should've sent thousands more soldiers to their deaths over the next several years as the Alliance painstakingly scoured every nook and cranny of Azeroth stomping out a desperate Horde that was fighting to survive, all the while having to deal with regional complications as local threats previously held in check by the Horde also sought to regain their footing with the Horde fully occupied by the Alliance.

The orcs in particular would likely fight to the death, taking a ton of Alliance soldiers with them when left with nothing to lose and faced with an enemy bent on utterly destroying the Horde.
I was being facetious.
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