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The problem is, by "dismantling the Horde" they'd be committing to preventing any attempts at reunification by its constituent states, while at the same time forcing those same states to pursue that very course by giving them reason to band even closer together.

And selling any eventual surrender or cease-fire to the Horde races would be that much harder if they went straight to attacking Vol'jin, Thrall, Baine, Gallywix, Sylvanas and Lor'themar within minutes of Garrosh's defeat.

It would basically make the Alliance look like a bunch of backstabbers to the Horde rebels, and in the minds of many prove Garrosh and his ilk right about them, giving the Horde reason to fight back to the very end against any effort to "dismantle" them out of the belief that any Alliance promises or conditions to end the fighting would end up betrayed.
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