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Well, obviously dismantling means killing off the most dangerous races. And how they would perceive the Alliance wouldn't really matter to at least two races: the Goblins and the Blood Elves. And theses races are importaant parts of the Horde. So with them gone and the Orcs almost nonexistant in the hypotetical taking of Orgrimmar, the Horde isn't much. As I pointed out earlier, the Alliance may lose many men but they will gain the Blood Elves and the Goblins who will help them to show them their allegiance. That's basically two more races for them, two races wich are important military powers for the Horde. Because let's be honest, I don't think Trolls are the most contributing race power-wise. Belfs also weren't but that changed since Mists. And then if the Alliance doesn't necessarily manifest bad intentions towards the Tauren, will they really refuse peace?

To some extent, dismantling the Horde would only really mean ending the Orcs and Forsaken. The rest of the faction would part ways, some joinging the Alliance and others going neutral.

And since the Alliance never promised not to hurt the rebels, they wouldn't be backstabbers. I any case, no less than the Horde was to them on several occasions anyway.
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