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Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
Problem: The Alliance doesn't have any reason to care how the Horde sees it, since it's become very clear that the actions of the Alliance aren't relevant to how the Horde sees it. Their reasons for not liking the Alliance have never been logical or based on reality and the Horde as a whole does not act rationally.

Why should the Alliance be handwringing over whether or not the Horde likes them when it's obvious at this point that the Horde will hate them no matter what they do?

I mean shit, the original ending of Siege of Orgrimmar was going to be the rebels telling the Alliance to fuck off and die.
It's not a matter of them "caring" what the horde thinks. It's a matter of them calculating how the Horde will react based upon what they think.

I'm not talking about the Alliance worrying about hurting Horde feelings; I'm talking about them considering whether or not they want to force a desperate Horde to think it has no choice but to fight to the last man and consequently kill a lot more Alliance than are necessary because it can't trust them to stop at Garrosh and those like him.

Creating the impression that they'll even target and wipe out those in the Horde who were trying to stop the war seems like it would do that very thing.
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