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What do you want Fojar?
Assuming I'm not allowed to make broad sweeping retcons and these are changes I want implemented in the year of our lord 2014?

The Alliance pauses as it sails away from Orgrimmar as they collectively wonder what the fuck they're doing and turn around, declaring Orgrimmar to be Alliance territory and its people Alliance subjects. The Alliance will take responsibility for protecting them and the Horde will not be allowed to have its own military. The Alliance will pay to repair Orgrimmar's infrastructure and economy as part of the Alliance. Anyone with a problem with it can suck on a cannon.

With the Horde's military and industrial capacity in ruins, the bulk of the Alliance military shifts its focus to the Northern Eastern Kingdoms. Forsaken positions in Hillsbrad, Gilneas, and Silverpine are bombarded relentlessly from air and sea over the course of a week, particularly at targets where plague production and storage is maintained before a highly advanced and mechanized force supplemented with numerous Priest and Paladin shock toops lands on the shores of Hillsbrad and Gilneas. Complete air supremacy is maintained, with air intelligence keeping Alliance high command well informed of Forsaken blight wagon movements. Gnomish, Dwarven, and newly-Alliance Goblin scientists work around the clock to develop a permanent counter-agent to the Blight. The resources of Dalaran are also used to discover a cure and their military might is brought to bear against the Forsaken as well.

Eventually they fight their way to the Undercity itself. The haggard Forsaken defenders are given an ultimatum; the complete and unconditional surrender of all Forsaken forces and holdings, or the eradication of every single Forsaken. For the sake of gameplay they choose the former.

Sylvanas, all members of the Royal Apothecary Society, and all high ranking members of the Deathguard are executed and their graves sanctified to prevent them being raised again. Remaining Forsaken are prohibited under any circumstances from reproducing and instances of such occurring will be terminated with extreme prejudice. The Undercity is filled in with reinforced concrete. What Forsaken remain will be given the choice of going to live in Northrend, in Orgrimmar, or in Lordaeron under the close and intense scrutiny of the Alliance with much of their freedom restricted.

The Alliance calls up Tirion, tells him that they did his job for him and that he has one month to bring all Lordaeronian lands under the control of the Argent Crusade into the Alliance and then step down from his position, or be faced with war.

The Blood Elves are a non-factor having joined the Alliance as soon as they realized that the Alliance wasn't acting like a bunch of putzes anymore.

The Tauren are militarily and industrially irrelevant.

That's what I want PJ.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.

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