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Default Funny Hearthstone Quotes

You might not play HS so you don't know, but Blizz is at it again. No flavor lore in minion descriptions, it is a non-stop joke fest like the good ol' WCIII pissed sounds. Other HS players, post your favorites.

Anyway let me start it off:

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder brings life and hope to everyone. Except Deathwing. And Malygos. And Nekros.

He's a legend among murlocs. "Mrghllghghllghg!", they say.

Lorewalker Cho archives and shares tales from the land of Pandaria, but his favorite story is the one where Joey and Phoebe go on a road trip.

Last but not the least:

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion gets slowly consumed by hyenas.

EDIT, one more before I go to sleep:

The Frostwolves are locked in combat with the Stormpike Expedition over control of Alterac Valley. Every attempt at peace-talks has ended with Captain Galvangar killing the mediator.

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