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Am i the only one who thinks Brann is overreacting the fuck out of this regarding this Watcher?

Why was the first conclusion that he came up with was that the moment the titans learned of Yogg Saron´s escape, a single Old God, they would glass the planet?

The Pantheon managed to handle all 5 of them with an army of the planet´s Elementals backing them up and as far as we know one of them, C´thun, was killed by a nameless Titan that wasn´t even part of the Pantheon.

A single one of them isn´t nearly enough to provoke this kind of reaction from them, even if he managed to corrupt and turn all of Northrend´s remaining Watchers. Unless we get some actual confirmation of Brann´s outrageous speculation or that he thinks that the Titans decide to destroy the planet when they see what mess Azeroth as turned into, this feels kinda forced.

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