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Still hot out of the oven. The new PTR build today has added voice-overs for the Ulduar encounters, as well as the Archivum!

I've been digging through it for the past 20mins or so, but I believe I have a very good idea of what's going on now. If anyone knows where I could get a decent amount of .mp3 files updated, I can share these voice overs with you guys, but in the meantime, I will just write about it.

First, the Archivum voice overs, they make telling the story of what's going on easier.

Algalon is a fail-safe device made by the Titans, should the Prime Designate of the planet perish, Algalon is imediately sent to the planet to evaluate what is going on.

We killed the Titan's Prime Designate for Azeroth in Halls of Stone (Loken was the prime designate), that has caused Algalon to come to Azeroth.

What does Algalon do? Algalon the Observer is meant to conduct a planetary analysis for corruption of its systems, and based on his findings, he sends back one of two possible reply codes to the Pantheon: Code Alpha or Code Omega.

Code Alpha is the signal that everything is ok, and the planet is in good shape. Code Omega is the signal that the planet's systems have been corrupted, and that it needs to be "re-originated" (Algalon's own word).

One of the queries you can make at the Archivum are for the probability of which Code Algalon will be sending, the Archivum gives Code Omega a "99.99, repeating of course" (yes, repeating of course is in the voice over, a nod to leeroy's video) chance.

The Archivum also explains that the Watchers are being influenced and having their senses clouded by a dark influence, however, if enough stress is put onto them, their systems will reset, and the influence will fade (this explains why we have to beat down all the watchers, but we don't kill them)

Also, the Archivum goes on about how to save each Sigil, but I think that's more raidworthy than loreworthy, so I'm not going into each fight's hard modes.

Alright... Algalon sound files.

You arrive at the room, and a dialogue starts.

Algalon tells you to back down, that he isn't here to fight us. He is here to conduct a planetary analysis. He runs his analysis, and voices his findings:

"There is partial corruption of the planet's lifesupport systems, and there is complete corruption of the planet's defense mechanisms. Code Omega issued, Re-origination requested."

Then you fight Algalon, and going quickly over the fight sound files, it seems like a fight where you will fight adds, and deal with some weird magic "Behold the Power of the Cosmos!" "Meet the Tools of Creation!" are a couple of his yells.

Upon defeat, Algalon starts a long speech, this is verbatim copy of his death file:

Originally Posted by Algalon the Observer
I have seen worlds bathed in the maker's flames. Their denizens fading without as so much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and raised in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart, devoid of emotion, of empathy...I...HAVE...FELT....NOTHING! A million, million lives wasted! Had they all held within them your tenacity, had they all loved life as you do... Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will. That allows you to persevere against all cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titan's own perfect creations have failed. I have rearranged the reply code, your planet will be spared. I cannot be certain of my own calculations anymore.

Do not worry about my fate, Bronzen(?? can't understand), if the signal is not transmitted in time, reorigination will proceed regardless...Save. Your. World.
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