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He's playing vanilla WoW to level with his friend I assume.

You can always make alts for classes that you want to pick up, and once your main is 55, you can make a death knight.

Forget what is OP/top tier right now. For leveling, Hunter and Warlock were fun for me (warlock most fun for me). Hunter is also really great because of all the tricks they have.

Warrior is fun too as long as your gear doesn't fall too far behind your level. They don't have as many tricks, so you need to make sure you have good stuff available. Works best as an alt character, imo, though my first character was an orc warrior.

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Thank goodness Golden handled Rise of the Horde, or it might have started with the tale of the Eredar leaders Archie and Jay being seduced by the power of the Dark Titan Gary while their close friend Lenny fled Argus to escape the corruption.
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