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Having played every damn race in warcraft to AT LEAST 60, and with what orcs can do, I would sadly recommend a hunter. Only because you can fall asleep at the keyboard and still win.

Personally, I love warriors. Always have, always will. They were my first class.

But, since you said Hunter, here are some tips to help you out.

Agility > Stamina > Intellect [Essentially. Some will argue strength to AP, but if I recall, Agility to AP is better for hunters.]

Those are the stats you want to focus on. Personally, being a complete beginner to the game, I would go Beast Mastery spec. It is easy.

Another thing is, keep your pet on DEFENSIVE. Aggressive and you can hit PVP flagged characters or get too many mobs on you at once., but meh, defensive is the best, especially with the changes they made.

You shoot, your pet will run in and attack. You get hit, your pet will attack what hit you.

As far as what type of pet to get, that is all your choice. I would personally go with a "tanking" pet that will hold aggro on whatever you are fighting. It has been a while, but I think the Gorillas are the best tanking pets.

Anyway, other things. Pick up every item you find. Sell them, keep all the meat you find, you will need it for your pets, level up fishing/cooking/first aid as you go [More first aid and cooking than fishing. Fishing is a BITCH! D:< ] Visit the AH rarely. More than likely people will rip you off.

I could go on and on, but if you need any pointers and what not, let me know. XD
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