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It's a pity the old calendar aint featured at all no more. Well, what with years being effed up and all that, it's all kaflingles, but you can't deny that the timeline would have had a different feel if it read "583 - The start of the orcish invasion" instead of "0 - WarCraft I: Orcs and Humans".

I once pondered - oh yes, I mentioned that some time - but anyhow, pondered exploring (making up) the history of Stormwind, theorizing that the year 0 in the old calendar was, like, the founding of the city Stormwind. This calendar, then, would be the Stormwind... ian... calendar. Who knows what they reckoned time from up in Lordaeron? No doubt Dalaran's scholars could've kept up on dates from the original human empire, but more likely, in less scholarly pursuits, a Rome-style from-the-founding-of-the-City calendar.

What with me once writing an essay (some seventy pages) on ancient astronomy and time-keeping, I've always liked to picture that there's a whole science on that front, too, in WarCraft, and that the calendars are as hopelessly incongrous in Azeroth as they were back in ancient Greece.
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