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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post

Would you guys rather we unban Hammerbrew, or just ban everyone like him?
Unban him. For God's sake, all he did was use harsh language. Plenty of other posters (and mods, btw) do the same thing with no punishment. And there SHOULDN'T be a punishment. One of the things I like most about SoL is the amount of free speech we have here. It's not some thought police state like the official WoW forums.

It'd be one thing if Hammerbrew was following people around in different threads and harassing them. But he didn't. He'd get caustic and assholish in arguments, but that's it.

Even though I disagreed with him about 95% of the time on his politics, I think he was a valuable member of the forum, and it'll be a shame if he got permabanned for the ridiculous sin of harsh language.
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