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Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
Yeah, you do all the time, and yeah, it kind of looks like she did.

It is rather telling that the few who support this ban obviously have strong differences in their political opinions with Hammerbrew, although there are plenty left of him that DISAGREE with the ban.

I'm the most transparent Admin in history, so, I'll not say anything behind closed doors that I won't say publicly - this looks pretty bad, as his latest "offense" was giving shit to Sarahmoo, who then permabanned him.

I don't have a problem with a mod slapping down an uppity poster who's being a deliberate dickweed - hell, Sarah works as hard as anyone to keep this place clean, and she ought to enjoy smacking down a fool every now and then. But perma-banning is a bit much. Give him a few days or a week or whatever to consider the wisdom of poking a mod with a stick, but anything more than that, and it starts to feel a bit too despotic for my tastes.
So disagreeing with someone is apparently "baiting" now. Doesn't surprise me from you. I don't post to antagonize for fun. I express my honest opinion. If someone has an issue with that, they're welcome to start a dialogue. Unfortunately, some like Hammer express their distaste over an opinion with childish personal attacks and vulgar insults. If you want to propagate that kind of communication culture, feel free to.

I for one am merely pointing out that Sarah's reason for the measure is entirely legitimate, he was throwing around direct ad hominems left and right, and he really overstepped the limits of civilized discourse multiple times.

You may have an issue with my tone when I state things I believe to be facts. I do not, however, attack someone personally unless previously provoked. As already mentioned by me, I did give in and bicker with Hammer in that thread, which is my fault. I do not initiate these encounters.

And the reason for the measure has nothing to do with opinion either way. I've seen many of you throw around offensive and ignorant opinions left and right, and noone cares. Hammer is the only one who so rudely and combatively propagates his.
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