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Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
The idea of Hearthstone being a reconcilable Esport and subject to real "sport" rules is pretty much a joke to begin with. I mean, what, are we seriously saying that actual physical card games are biologically sex bias as well. That women can't click and drag as well as men can, that the lack the ability to play the massively dumbed down version of Magic: The Gathering in a simplified digital form? If we consider Hearthstone an "Esport" but not physical board and card games, doesn't that make a joke of the Esport being a sport thing to begin with.
Hearthstone is very much a bug ESport and is growing at a crazy rate.. The split is just because of how things have been for a long time and I'm sure it would take one hosting company to change it for the rest to simply follow. It is quite a new issue in of itself really. The whole ESport thing is no joke either its simply a term the pyhical space does the exact same in its tournaments seen with the likes of Yu GI oh, Magic and Chess etc.
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