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Grunt Rules and Regs of SoL

Rules and Regulations

0. No smart-assing your way around the rules. Doing so will earn you a one month suspension all the way up to a permanent ban.

1. Don't double post. Bumping a week old thread is fine.
1.a. If you do double post and need to delete it, press the Edit button and select delete or physically remove from the menu options in the Edit panel. A more graphical version of this "how to" is here...vBulletin's User Options FAQ
1.a.i. Users with 1-100 posts will not be punished for double-posting unless their behavior is considered abusive.
1.b. If you do not remove your own double post within 24 hours of doing so, a moderator will remove it for you and give you an "Assing."

If you want to post in a very old thread (known as Necroing or Resurrecting) it may be a good idea to PM a moderator first. If it's a question, simply post it in the Novice Sanctuary with hyperlinks to the thread(s) and other members will gladly give you an answer.
2. All links with questionable content need NSFW tags next to them. See 2.a. for the NSFW scale to use. This is not just for the protection of users, but rather for the protection of the forum itself. In order to remain off block lists used by government, educational, and business entities it's important to keep a measure of distance between excessively sexual or violent content and Scrolls of Lore.
2.a. The NSFW scale is as follows.
2.a.1 For extreme and excessive violence (say live and gruesome footage of a warzone or gory movie) add EV to NSFW.
2.a.2 For general sexual content add SC, for nudity add Softcore, Hardcore, or MAC (MAC means change your MAC address before viewing this because it's that absurd.)
2.a.3 For anything else you're worried might not be appropriate content for those viewing at work or school, add NSFW Misc.
3. No advertising or spamming. If you want to promote your guild there's a topic already on the WoW board. If you want to promote your book, band, website, or other personal endeavor it belongs in the Goblin Marketplace. If you're unsure about anything, private message a moderator or Administrator and we'll be happy to respond.
3.a. Avoid replying to spam threads, if they happen to sneak through the filters. Just notify a mod and we'll deal with it. All posts made in a spam thread will be deleted and are thus a waste of time.

As a friendly suggestion to those who wish to join the forum, try to post at least once soon after you sign up. Why? We periodically cull excess accounts with 0 posts, the vast majority of which are spambots, and cannot control whether your name is removed from the data base if you have not proven yourself to be human.

Anyone who continually promotes a personal, non-Warcraft related endeavor outside of the Goblin Marketplace will be dealt with severely. Scrolls of Lore allows its members to seek out assistance and flourish on their own, but we are not an advertising medium, we are a lore forum. Anyone who posts solely in the Goblin marketplace, i.e. they are only here for personal press, will be banned.
4. Don't create multiple accounts unless absolutely necessary. Old extra accounts are grandfathered in.

Link and Upload Control - Don't excessively hot link unless necessary. Hyperlinks and images are fine, but videos and .gifs should be used as rarely as possible, if at all. ("Hotlink" is defined as the direct display of multi-media content in a post or thread, with or without accompanying web address text.)
5.a. Signatures may not include hotlinked videos, .gifs, or other moving picture file types. If these are found, they will be removed.

5.b. Avatars may not include hotlinked moving picture file types unless approved by an Admin or Moderator.

5.c. You may not upload or hotlink to content that is deemed NSFW or abusive without Administrator or Moderator approval.
5.c.1. Links to NSFW content must be labeled according to the NSFW scale. Links that are not labeled in this way will be removed.
6. Harassment, Abuse, and Flamewars
6.a. Flame Wars - If a flamewar is initiated, the participants will be allowed 2 warnings by staff. If these warnings are ignored they will receive a 3 day suspension from the forums. When they return, they will be under probation for a period of 1 week. If they resume their behavior or repeatedly violate other rules they will receive further moderation including an extended 7 day suspension escalating all the way up to a permanent ban depending upon the extent of violations.
6.a.1. Definition of a Flame War - 6 posts within 2 pages containing derogatory terms directed at other members and/or ad hominem attacks classifies the initiation of a flame war.
6.b. Harassment - Individuals involved in harassment will be allowed 3 warnings by staff. If these warnings are ignored they will receive a 7 day suspension from the forums. When they return, they will be under probation for a period of 2 weeks. If they resume their behavior or repeatedly violate other rules they will receive further moderation including an extended 30 day suspension escalating all the way up to a permanent ban depending upon the extent of violations.
6.b.1. Definition of Harassment - Repeatedly (3 or more posts within a day) making abusive, derogatory, or ad hominem attacks of one or more posters throughout multiple pages or threads with little or no response in kind.
6.c. Extreme Abuse and Threats - Individuals involved in abusive behavior including physical threats that are deemed real will receive an automatic ban and their IP will be reported to the proper authorities.
6.c.1. Definition of Extreme Abuse and Threats - Individuals whose behavior falls under the legal definition of Stalking under the United States legal code. As well, individuals whose behavior represents a clear and present physical or psychological (i.e. one leading to severe psychological trauma as defined by the United States legal code and the current APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) danger to themselves or others.
6.c.2. Addendum - Extreme abuse must be established through evidence before action is taken. Any individual accusing others of such abuse falsely will receive an automatic permanent ban.
6.d For users who have been notified of extremely toxic or abusive behavior, pursuant to rules outlined in section 6.a, 6.b, and 6.c, including multiple suspensions over the course of their time on SoL, a final warning will be issued via direct post and private message. If the behavior noted in the warning persists, the user will be permanently banned from access to Scroll's of Lore's Forum. The user(s) in question may respond to the warning, and users outside the scope of the Final Warning may give constructive and appropriate feedback for Staff to review after the Warning is issued.
7. Piracy and mention of Illegal or Immoral actions
7.a. While we encourage free speech, we ask that you do not incriminate yourself directly in order to promote your own and SoL's continued safety and unencumbered existence.

Public posts that contain links or directions to materials deemed illegal under U.S. Federal and International law will be deleted. If you wish to share such information with other users do not use our website.
7.b.1. Individuals who post content deemed illegal by US Federal and International Law will be permanently banned and, depending on the content, their IP will be sent to the proper authorities.
7.c. Individuals who repeatedly post illegal material will be warned, and if required, moderator action will be taken up to and including a permanent ban.

As a sign of our respect to Blizzard, we request you do not post about or exemplify activities that are against their ToS agreements. We will not delete such posts unless abuse occurs.
7.d.1. If you wish to share information that is in violation of the ToS agreements, we ask that you do so privately and, with respect, do not use our forums for it.
7.e. If you are posting scanned images of any Blizzard merchandise (novels, RPG books, magazines, and especially, comics and manga) that aren't publicly available, we request that you limit yourself to posting on 2 images worth of material.
8. Scrolls of Lore, out of respect to Blizzard, will follow the NDA attached to the F&F alpha and beta system. No information can be posted in regards to products under this banner unless it has been officially announced by Blizzard, an official Blizzard fansite, or a major media publication or approved by an authorized Blizzard representative.
8.a. Information collected on elements within an officially publicly released item (e.g. datamining officially released files, government patent information, etc.) is not considered a leak.
9. By posting on this website you agree that you have read and understand the above conditions and will abide by them within reason. You also agree that these rules will change with or without notice and that you will abide by such changes the next time you post from their installation.

This thread (Rules, Regulations, and FAQ of SoL also known as R&R) should not be used for conversations outside of matters pertaining to the operation of Scrolls of Lore.
10.a. The R&R thread should not be used to accuse or otherwise call out individuals or groups of users for punishment. Such notifications should be made via PM to an Administrator or Moderator who will then adjudicate the situation.
10.b. The R&R thread should not be used to post pictures, gifs or embedded youtube videos. Posting or quoting of these in this thread will now carry a one-day temporary ban as punishment. Posting of the above will be allowed in the R&R Thread when used as evidence of rule breaking.
Highly Recommended [Moderator/Administrator action will not take place unless abuse occurs.]

Image Control
11.a. Resize pictures so they do not take up excess space on screen (1000+ pixels at original size).

11.b. If posting more than 10 images or 5 images with 800+ pixels, use links instead of hotlinking.
12. We request that total images and text in signatures do not exceed 1.5 inches (300 pixels at original size) in height in order to keep the forum easy to read.

New Posters FAQ

vBulletin's User Options FAQ

Q: I just joined the forum, but every time I post it doesn't appear, why is that?
A: The first three times you ever post, the mods may have to approve them first, particularly if the posts contain a link. This is an anti-spam service so you don't have to deal with sex and wedding dress ads constantly popping up. Once your post count goes above 3 you don't have to worry about it any longer. 99.9% of the time, if it's not spam or illegal, we'll let it through.
Another explanation:

Q: I recently changed my e-mail and I'm no longer able to post, why is this?
A: Our spam prevention system requires that a validated, active e-mail exist in our registry. Make sure you have validated your e-mail with the system and send a message to the Admins/Mods if your problem is not resolved.

Q: What is this forum about?
A: This is a forum dedicated to people who enjoy Warcraft's lore and want to learn or discuss it. This isn't the place for WoW raid strategies, guild recruitment, or advertising other MMO's.

Q: So if this is about Warcraft lore, why do people keep pointing me to Wowhead, Wowpedia, or WoWiki?

A: This is not the place for people inexperienced with the lore. If you just bought a Warcraft game and don't understand any of the story material, it's better to go to a source dedicated to basic facts. It's important to know though, these sites are not the ultimate source for information on Warcraft lore. They are wikis and people can post whatever they wish, so facts posted there have been known to be false (ex. Hakkar the Soulflayer is not a minion of an Old God.)

Q: So if I have a simple question that's not on wowhead/wowpedia where should I post it?
A: The Novice Sanctuary is the best place.

Q: Everyone seems to go off-topic a lot. Does that mean I can talk about anything I want, anywhere I want?

A: Yes and no. We're pretty lenient about threads going off-topic if the discussion has been essentially resolved. That said, keep that kind of conversation to a minimum and don't post off-topic threads in the wrong board.

Q: Who owns Scrolls of Lore's domain name?
A: The great and powerful Warlock, formerly the great and powerful keithjr.

Q: What is an assing and why don't I want one?
A: We (the mods) change your avatar into the picture of a lore character's rear end as punishment for violating a rule.

Contacting SoL

Q: How do I get in contact with SoL for public relations or legal requests?

A: ...or send a private message to Warlock if it's actually important. Otherwise, PM one of the moderators and we'll bring it up to the big man. Outside of this forum, the only person who currently represents the direct name of Scrolls of Lore is Warlock, and as such no moderator or poster has a say in the websites' interaction with other persons or entities.

Q: Sometimes the website goes down, is there anyone I can contact when this occurs?

A: Yes, contact Cantus ( via e-mail or Skype and I will try to update you on the situation. Why not contact Warlock directly? He's already dealing with the website and there's no reason to flood his inbox with questions he doesn't have time to answer.

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