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Originally Posted by Shaman View Post
There has to be a major content patch before Warlords of Draenor is finished right?

When the next expansion is announced at Blizzcon this year in November, normally there's still a few months of beta-testing left before the content is ready to ship. So without another patch in-between now and then, that's at least seven months of Hellfire Citadel before Q1 2016 and I can't believe Blizzard would let the payers stew that long fighting demons - it would be Icecrown Citadel all over again. And recently a developer (Mumper?) has already said that patch 6.1 shouldn't have been marketed as a major update as its content consisted mainly of small balancing tweaks and features that should have shipped with Warlords of Draenor.

So surely there has to be a patch 6.3, yes? And the only reasonable place left on Draenor for us to go is Farahlon because presumably its a zone that the world designers and artists have already worked on a bit. There hasn't been any new dungeons either post-expansion which is unusual, so either Blizzard's producers want to get WoD out the door as quickly as they can or there is more of Draenor to come. It would be too scandalous for Blizzard to be finished with the expansion right now, I don't think even Activision-Blizzard would be that short-sighted and greedy.

So are we calling it quits with Draenor after Archimonde or not? Because I don't want to be grinding demons for nearly a year before I can vacation in Tel Abim.
Nah it's just another content drought.
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