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Well, there's a minimum of 5 months of beta testing for the next expansion. Even if the beta starts immediately after the announcement in November (which is itself not likely), we'd be looking at an April 2016 release date at best. That's 10 months of Hellfire Citadel. What's more likely is we'll see the beta start 2-4 months after BlizzCon, with a 12-14 month gap between 6.2 and the next expansion releasing, comparable to the wait between Siege of Orgrimmar and Warlords.

I would normally agree that there has to at least be a 6.3, with how barren this expansion's content release cycle has been thus far, but honestly, I'm not really sure any more. Blizzard has been very coy about this, only stating that there is "more story to tell". They've constantly asserted the idea that they want annual expansions (which means the beta for the next expansion would already have to be underway, so that idea is out). The fact that we haven't heard even a confirmation for 6.3 or 6.4 existing likely means they won't.
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