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Originally Posted by Mertico View Post
It's different this time. They just lost a good chunk of players in Q1. A disastrous amount to any normal game. Even still I don't think they could support another Q1 like quater. Honestly, even the most hardcover fans of Wow might quit after a year or so of 6.2. They need to bring players back or Warlords of Draenor will make Cataclysm look peaceful.
While people here might feel strongly about the lore (for obvious reasons), it was Cataclysm's poor content release cycle that killed it for most people. Somehow, Warlords of Draenor is looking to have an even worse content release cycle, comparatively.

6.1 wasn't a major content patch, even by Blizzard's own admission. We aren't even getting a third raid tier, or new dungeons. Cataclysm had both. All we have in WOD is 6.2, which is a pretty solid patch, but a single patch isn't an entire expansion's content release cycle. It's one single patch. :/
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