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Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
Those people weren't using their brains, it seems obvious to me that the Horde version occurs first since it involves placing bombs which you then disarm as Alliance, not to mention that the Horde version starts by planning something with Sylvanas while the Alliance version starts with being under attack.

As for whether or not Genn dies, he won't.
Yeah, also didn't help that some either saw it a bit unorganized or just lumped it all together so it looked like the final step was fighting Genn, but looking at it for a few moments made it obvious it was a parallel thing going on.

I could see Sylvanas maybe kidnapping Genn for some reason, though, what with the whole "Queen takes King" metaphor, but I imagine that wouldn't be the end of it.

Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
The gear is kinda annoying me. They had a chance to do something new (and they did for some) but its mostly the same viking savage armor we have been getting since forever or demonic savage stuff, which we have been getting since forever too.
The NE cloth one looks quite nice, I have to admit, and even the vrykul stuff, some of it (like the dragon rider one I mentioned) looks quite sweet (plus, chest tattoos! Wonder how it works on the female model though) but yeah much of the rest has a kind of "been there, worn that" quality to it. Not bad overall but its still kinda same-y.
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