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Originally Posted by Arakiba View Post
As I recall, the nightmare stuff is being portrayed as some sort of warped mirror world so it could just be a mirror entity sorta thing. Or not. I could see us killing her.

Speaking of SYlvanas, a lot of people at MMO-Champion were going nuts about the Alliance/Horde scenarios that deal with Sylvanas and Genn. People seemed to jump to the assumption that Genn's the aggressor, but its too early to tell. But I think, at the least, Genn's surviving it, though the final step being called "Queen takes King" is a bit worrying all the same.

Really doubt Blightcaller will live, though.

edit: Some new male NE skins from a thread at MMO-C (courtesy of inico):

Some sort of undead skin.
Fel-ish? (edit: correction, this is a DH NE skin)
Starting to turn to a naga?
That third skin is also a DH variant if I remember the blizzcon demo correctly.
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