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Even IF Tyr is Vezax ( it's a big IF and I admit than the thought crossed mind mind before this CM's post) there is still one room missing : Loken's.

So .. Well, Ulduar is incomplete, that's all.

Another fail is that we need the Sigil of the Keeper to open Algalon's room.. But... There were six Keepers before, including Loken and Tyr... So two Sigils are missing, that doesn't make sense. They should have make a leap saying something like " Since Loken and Tyr have both disappeared, the failsaif security of their Sigil has been activated, and they were automatically teleported into the Chamber of the Iron Council in Ulduar to be protected until someone with enough security clearance could use them, so we give those two to you and you need to gather the other four. "

Explained, and no weird unexplained strange thing.

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