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Originally Posted by engal View Post
Well, since there are a temple for each Keeper and Loken had one, I assumed he was part of them, even if he had more power. But you're maybe right. However, I can't believe that He had no place inside Ulduar and that his security clearance was not needed to open Algalon's room, since Algalon is directly related to him , triggered by his own death.

Another Fail ( again) is that there are four tower in the beginning. at least five of them were needed. Tyr has been retconned out of ulduar.
Ok, that's my bad. He was considered a Keeper, but I think he's more like the head Keeper.

But I still think Halls of Lightning probably counts for him. It's all technically supposed to be one big complex. There is of course also Vezax's room though, which could also be maybe his (he is refered to as the main jailor of Yogg, so it would make sense... maybe why he went insane first? It being so close to Yogg?). Hard to say.

Either way, we essentially have two "free" rooms. One that Vezax is in (which may or may not have been a Keeper room), and one that is inaccessable in between Vezax and Mimi.

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