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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
What other potential commanders do we have...

Mira han?


Well, let's see..

Horner and Stukov were at least some commanders they were working on/tried something out with, according to the data.

As of now, it seems Stukov might be a far more special case than the other commanders, as they've added a special race tab for Infested Terrans, which likely was to be used by him.

As for Horner, I heard nothing about him. The Data pointing at him was from the beta afaik, so who knows when he might appear. I could easily imagine him to be the Aircraft Commander, with a stronger focus on flying units.

Since the first part of Covert Ops, there is also data suggesting that Nova might become a commander. From what I saw in the data, she could be quite similar to what we've seen in the campaign: being a customizable hero unit.

Though, as we've seen with Abathur,for whom there was data for a while as well, things can change quite a lot. (At one point, he was supposed to have a special building akin to Swann/Karax, the Evolution Pit.

Also, as of note: iirc, blizzard doesn't deem Coop canon, and there actually was data at some point for General Duke, Tassadar and the Overmind. Though, those could be from a very early build of coop development.

Now, Alarak being such a fan favorite, he will surely come sooner or later.
As for the others, hard to tell imo.

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