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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
However, if that's true, then how does Holy work? Because we clearly see some titanforged practices of Holy, mainly within Odyn's Valkyrja and their priestesses.
It's not a big deal, since there were titan-forged who even used the Void energies, like Setesh. That guy also used a lot of "Chaos" spells, that are most likely Fel-based.

Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
If there was an ordering of light and shadow, maybe is fel the original point and from it the void beings were born? Would explain why fel is so powerful and why it holds such a powerful influence over any being.
Void beings are from the Void. Well, some of them could get born in the Great Dark like naaru did. But we don't really know this. In any case, the ocean of Light and the Void are older than the Nether, and the Void has Void Lords, the beings of, well, Void. It's highly unlikely, that Nether has something to do with birth of light/shadow "elementals".

Fel is seemingly so powerful because its strength lies in the ability to burn something to make itself stronger. Fel is like a flame, and it can find fuel for itself pretty much everywhere.

Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
However, Naaru don't have a fel form. When they get touched, even by fel practicants, they go VOID.
As for the fel Naaru, yes, we haven't seen one. But spellcasters used Void magic to corrupt them, not Fel magic. I've made some research for one of my articles, so I can back this up:

K'ure started to turn into the Void due to the "wound" he got in the crashing of Oshu'gun. He spawned an unseen Void storm that was simply subjugated by demons years later in order to summon Void minions into the Legion.

AU K'ure got transformed into a void god by AU Cho'gall via the Void.

D'ore's case didn't involve any warlocks. He was simply restoring his wounds after the crash of Genedar. All just went really bad thanks to the summoning of Murmur and the fact that the Auchenai went crazy and stopped helping D'ore.

M'uru was transformed by the Legion. And here's the point. The Legion has a very good knowledge of shadow magic, it would make sense for them to turn a naaru into the Void state, since they know the outcome. In this case they required another guardian to halt the Shattered Sun army. Nothing more.

K'ara went nuts thanks to the Genedar incident. No warlocks employed here.

S'aara. The story of her corruption is a mystery.

And we've seen Fel-infused Void creatures. Take a look at Xhul'horac. Gul'dan twisted him and infused with Fel. Why? He wanted this void revenant to summon demons for him. So if it's possible to infuse a void creature with Fel, the same should be possible with a being of Light.

So... here's the idea. I'm pretty sure that the Chronicle portraits Fel as the embodiment of chaos that was born by the explosive interactions of the Light and the Void. So it's not really an embodiment of these two powers, but of the concept of disorder that was created by them.

It's also important to note, that Fel has an opposing force - the Arcane. The Arcane is the force of order that exists in the Universe. So the way I see it, is that the creation of reality also gave birth to the new axis of power: order and disorder, life and death. Fel and Arcane were also described by the devs as opposite ends of the same spectrum.

But it's still probably safe to say that a tiny bit of Light and Shadow can be found in many different things in the Nether and the Great Dark. For example, every living creature is said to have a spark of Light within it (which makes the existence of the Old Gods pretty interesting, since they are living creatures without a traditional spark of life).

Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
I think it's safer to assume that, beyond pure Light and Void, which everything is made of, ordered Light + Void resulted in Arcane, while disordered Light + Void resulted in Fel. Other forces, such as Nature and Death magic, are somewhere in-between.
It's actually a really interesting topic, since Kosak said the close circles from the cosmological chart are associated but not linked.Fel is closer to the Light. Maybe because Light is a moving force? Fel is also close to Death. Since it brings death when its fuel burn away, right? Death is close to the Void - because it's still and empty?

Arcane is closer to the Void. Maybe because the Void is stagnant, which makes it more orderly? Arcane is also close to Life, since arcane energies often act as a lifeblood of the world via ley lines. Life is also close to the Light, since living creatures tend to have an inner spark of Life.

Circles of creatures, elements and planes of existence all have similar associations. Yet it's important that like Kosak said, association doesn't equal a link.
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