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Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
I don't think the naaru became Void Gods just because they were tampered with with Void - I think it is natural to the naaru.


I believe there is something in their origin that we don't yet know. Consider this quote:

- Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire

They are brethren, somehow. I believe the naaru are not simply the Old Gods that instead came from the Light - no, I believe there is something more to them, something sinister, that they are either hiding from us or sincerely trying to mend.
I covered my opinion about these topics in my Russian article. Maybe it's a good opportunity to finally translate it. Dunno.

Anyway, the motives of the naaru are seemingly quite simple. The Chronicle and the story of T'uure plainly state that the naaru are beings of Light who vowed to protect the Life at all costs. When they were formed, they saw the Universe of great wonders and possibilities and sweared to protect it. What is also important here is that the naaru were born from the shards of Light from the ocean of Light. Yet these shard became naaru in the Great Dark Beyond (perhaps Elune had sent those shards of the first naaru into the reality, if we are to tie in her involvement in their birth with the Chronicle). So the naaru aren't really creatures of some other dimension like the void lords and the Old Gods, who were formed within the Void. It means that naaru aren't aliens in the Great Dark and not out of place there.

The naaru vowed to protect all life. But why? It's kind of simple as well. So the naaru are like the living beings formed from the Light. And the ocean of Light isn't just a magical force or a place, it's an ocean of living energies that created songs of happiness and hope. In the same way, the naaru also sing of happiness and hope, they embody these emotions. But let's return to the protection of life. Life was born thanks to the sparks of Light, and that is why the naaru are so attuned to the idea of saving life - it's part of their nature.

The same is true for the Void. Void is always hungry, it simply cannot sate its appetite, to the point that it threatens to feed upon itself. And in the same way void beings are always hungry and often act upon this sense of great thirst.


As for the transformation into the Void God, it's a difficult topic. But to make it short: the naaru themselves view such transformation as a horrible tragedy, and in the same way the reverse transition makes them beyond joyful.

But why this transformation is even possible? Well, keep in mind that the beings of the Light and the Void embody all there is to the forces that stand behind their creation. And the Void first formed from the empty spaces that were left behind by the ever-expanding and ever-moving ocean of Light. The Void is born from the lack of Light. And just like this, when a naaru gets a horrid injury he starts to lose its Light, and the Void starts to form in its place.

And that's where it gets complicated. The naaru view void god and darked naaru incidents with great grief, but they are still familiar with the Void. It's because when a naaru gets a serious injury and starts to form Void from said bad spot... it's not always the end. If the wound is beoynd hope, it will turn into a dark naaru or a void god. But if it's moderate, a naaru is able to heal it in time. Like D'ore did.

And maybe this understanding of Void due to the said healing cycle is the reason why naaru aren't super antagonistic towards void creatures. A'dal stated that Void creatures form a necessary part of creation, yet they must be kept in check. Still, Velen's visions show that in the end of the day the naaru are ready to fight against the Void in the last battle of creation.


And now we can finally talk about Xal'atath. What is this dagger? It's a being of the Void. Maybe it's a spawn from the talon of Y'Shaarj or even the last remains of the fifth Old God that were devoured by its kin when they first arrived on Azeroth. We can't say for sure, since it's all just theories of various historians. Yet Xal'atath is peculiar - she wants to get revenge for what was done to her by the Old Gods. But she still takes pride in their achievements and even helped them on some occasions. Why? She is loyal to the Void Lords. She doesn't want N'Zoth to be the ultimate victor of the long war for Azeroth, yet she craves for Azeroth to fall into the clutches of the Void.

So why she talks about naaru like that? There are three possibilities. First, she's mistaken and doesn't understand what she's talking about. It's a boring answer. The other one is even more simple - she lies to the priest. Xal'atath is known to lie and to spread mischief, yet her whispers to the leader of Conclave are usually on spot. And... the third possibility. She doesn't lie, yet she views the situation from a very narrow point of view. She is a creature of the Void, and it's natural for her to view the Light with contempt. After all, the Old Gods have never shown respect to the opposing force of creation, like naaru did. On the contrary, their goal is to warp the order of things, they want the Void to feed upon reality. So here's my two cents, she may view the Light as merely unborn Void. The Void was born from the absence of Light, so she might think that in the end all Light will fade and there will be only Void. So the naaru are merely Void Gods who didn't lose their Light... yet.

But the Light has its own will. It simply exists. Just like the Void. These are two sides of the same coin.

Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
"Twilight" which is a separate power is more of what you are thinking of. Fel has always been suggested as more akin to being like a raw corrupted Arcane.
Maybe initially the devs viewed the Twilight as a union of the Light and Shadow, but I seriously doubt that it's still the case. This magic was introduced back in Cataclysm, when we could still speculate that the Old Gods are some sort of utter abberations even for the Void.

But now we know that the Old Gods are creations of the void lords. Moreover, they are spawn of the Void that were tossed in the reality. That's why they are so out of place here - they aren't supposed to be here. The flesh that was born without a spark of Light. The existence that was orchestrated by beings who can't even properly manifest themselves in the reality. It's like the Old Gods embody the Void that is way too dark and incomprehensible for reality. They are creatures of the Void. The Chronicle and the artifact stories reference their magic as the Void.

So Twilight magic is probably another name of the Void, or a certain version of it that is spawned by the Old Gods and their believers. Feasel thinks the same.

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