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A) Point to Hearthstone every time people ask what class wardens are, and B) Be a little more comfortable with the wait for Maiev in HotS, even if I don't play Hearthstone. Don't wanna oversaturate certain heroes and shit.
Tyrande's a priest hero; she's not actually a WoW priest, though. She's not a robe-wearing cleric.

WoW's dumb class system is a crummy way to pigeonhole Wardens and Priestesses of the Moon into being things they're not.

Maiev works as the rogue hero in Hearthstone. Hearthstone is a silly game. That's enough for me personally.

So Blizz is removing good Vanilla cards like Sylvie, Rag, Azure Drake and so on.

I don't know if this is a money grubbing move so people feel even more forced to buy new expansion shit or simply a difference in design philosophy between Blizz and I (probably a little bit of both)... but I am done.
They aren't 'removing' them. They're putting them in wild, while also supporting the wild format with brawls and Wild format tournaments.

Honestly the cards in question were either gonna get removed, or they were going to get nerfed anyway. They're way, way too over-centralizing as they exist right now. This'll shake up the game and new cards will find their way into the rotation hopefully.
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