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Wild has been a cesspool since day one, I really don't see that changing, well except for the worse. All my experiences there have been very bad. It is full of OP and boring decks and whenever I show up there with my fun oriented decks I get slaughtered. And ofc it will only get worse because just about no new player will ever go to Wild so it will only grow more stagnant and unbalanced.

Anyhow the point is Blizz can't let us casuals and veterans have anything. I would have to grind like crazy or throw money in to remain competitive as is since I lose three expansions to Standard every year. And now even Vanilla cards aren't a safe investment or a sort of cornerstone that lets us casuals and/or returning veterans at least have some decent cards no matter how far we've fallen behind in Standard.

Well, nooope. This just signals that every remotely good vanilla card will eventually be nerfed (or relegated to Wild, some thing really) because they can always pull the "it's too good to be in rotation forever."

When you put together all of the changes since Standard was introduced it just doesn't make for a fun game in my opinion. People who still like it, great for you, but it's just not for me.
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