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Originally Posted by Cantus View Post
Me personally, and I abhor having to type this, but I almost wish that they'd update tBC and WotLK content to reflect what they're missing. When Cataclysm's been fleshed out in Azeroth go back and add the lost content of Azjol-Nerub and Crystal Song, bring the Ethereum (and thus the Protectorate) storyline back into the fold so we have a greater excuse to go into the Twisting Nether later on, hell update the Gronn storyline to reflect whether there are in-fact 7 of them and what that really means for the Ogres. The lost content of the expansions alone is a patch each and of themselves, filler material so that not only is our leveling experience more varied but also more exciting. That we have a reason to go back and re-experience worlds we left as "saved" and Blizzard doesn't have to worry quite as much about getting new expansions in on time. Ah, well c'est la vie.
Great idea, yes; and this is why I think many of us would make a way better work as lore-planning for Blizzard than what they currently make -_-.

Seriously, not adding the Ethereals at Northrend is FAIL. Why? They're the new traders of Azeroth, because goblins will be joining Horde, and their personality is even better than anyone's to depict a merchant race.

They should have added them, just to reintroduce as them later as the replacement for the goblins.

And what about Dimensius? We could have defeated him in his "weak form". C'mon, it just sucks that we defeat the guy that conquered an entire planet that easy, by soloing him.

He could have a good rank at the Burning Legion, with a better form.

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