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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Some of the goblins are joining the Horde. The Steamwheedle Cartel and Venture Co. - along with their subsidiaries - as well as pretty much any other goblin groups besides the Bilgewater Cartel are, as far as we know, remaining neutral.
You know I mean they are no longer neutral as a race .

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
While admittedly Dimensius was pretty much a case of wasted villain potential and should have been made more powerful to reflect the scope of what he's done before, it was never indicated that the Legion had anything to do with him. If anything, his presence seemed to be meant to indicate that in the great expanse between worlds that is the Twisting Nether, the Burning Legion is far from being the only force out there that poses a threat.

Of course, I guess they could always pull a Ragnaros with him and indicate that his presence in Netherstorm was only a fraction of his full strength (which would make some sense I guess, since if he and his forces were really fully released in Netherstorm you'd think they would have been swarming all over Outland and not just one small corner of it) and someday have players face a fully powered Dimensius in some future content revolving around the Ethereals.
I said "could". Dimensius could be an independent demon, or could be working for the Legion. Anyway, I don't care who's side he's on, just that he makes a reappearance.

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