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Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
I was so completely happy I came home from a 10 hour drive from Gencon to the Junkertown announcement and the two videos. The video was pretty great as a little set up, I'm a little sad that after so long without a cinematic short we get one using in game models, but I cannot really complain. As a Junkrat main I'm pumped for this new map.

I NEED to know more about the Junker Queen. I really doubt she's just an announcer since so few maps have their own unique announcer, none of that implies shes an announcer for the map as the dialogue is not really generic announcer dialogue. Nor do I think she will be necessarily a playable character, but given that they have a voice actress for her it does support the possibility. Of course I never really ruled out Athena as a possible hero since she is shown in art possibly having an Omnic host, but given her digital omniscient nature that's not really a good I throw her in the pool along with Liao, Hammond, Brigitt as being possible, though likely a long way off.
Oh, I forgot about Liao and Brigitte.

Yeah, this game could really benefit from a couple of short stories to explain stuff like why the Lunar Colony's empty, give us an idea who the Junker Queen is, etc.

Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Junker Queen as an announcer might make it hard to make her a character.

Also, kinda odd for her to say the world ended.

They could hop a plane and go to thriving future-cities.

They could use tech to fix the outback. Bah.
I don't think that necessarily stops her from being a character the same way I don't think it stops Athena from being added. It's not like the players are going to be confused when they use their voice lines for their ults or when they need healing.

In fact, for the Junker Queen's case, I think her being the announcer could be used to get in a couple of cheap laughs when she's in that map.
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