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Orb of Lightning

Originally Posted by Aram View Post
More shorts and comics is coming
Another poor, guttering soul is found by the ancient and malevolent Spirit of Card Games, and denied the peace of death as that terrible demon tears her from her frozen body and into the nightmarish tavern from which none return. There, she encounters those delirious souls which came before her, long since lost to madness, as they invite her to join them in their endless, meaningless games.

Soon enough, this place will be all she knows. All she has ever known. Already tighten those chains she cannot see, coiling insidiously about her weakened and bewildered mind.

The walls close in as the chant goes up - Hearthstone is Home! And who, after all, would ever wish to leave their home?
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And the HRE was a meme that went too far.
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You are pretty cool for being one of the bad guys.
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I was probably just upset about the Horde fleet in the Second War.
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